1. Infographic of the kits of each country in the 2014 World Cup. Can you guess them all?


  2. Made this NBA infographic about the history of the league and its franchises. The early years were a little shaky but the league rebounded (pun intended) to as the interest and talent pool grew. From 1981– 1984 was the era of green uniforms (21%, 5/23 teams). Purple peaked from 2001-2003 with six (6!) teams, accounting for 20% of the league’s jerseys.

    Fact of the Day: Since 1984 only eight franchises have won the NBA Championship: Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, Bulls, Rockets, Spurs, Heat, and Mavericks


  3. This is the dilemma I have gone through practically every day the past three years.


  4. One of my best friends is moving to Australia for two years for his job. In honor of his Bon Voyage party today, I made this infographic about the land Down Under. Facts of the poster for me: Perth having the most millionaires per capita. Who knew?? Also discovering what “fairy bread" is.


  5. Sports Team Nickname Taxonomy breaking down every team from the four bigs (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL). I’ve been wanting to do a sports themed chart since seeing the awesome work they do over at Pop Chart Lab. [click image to zoom]


  6. The Rematch. Biggest game in Boston since probably '04 ALCS Game 7 ever. 


  7. Quick! What is the least sensical name in professional sports? Well the Utah Jazz of course. Since moving to Utah in 1979 from New Orleans, the Jazz has seemed severly out of place. New Orleans’ two decade long thirst for basketball was quenched when the Charlotte Hornets relocated in 2002. This left a vacancy in the basketball hotbed that is the Tarheel State. Along came Bob Johnson who was granted an expansion franchise and aptly named it after himself – the Bobcats. Now what clearly makes too much sense to happen is for these three franchises return their names, colors, logos, and uniforms, back to the rightful cities. The Jazz belong in New Orleans. The Hornets belong in Charlotte. After all there are Bobcats in Utah.


  8. With the conclusion of The Real World’s 25th season airing last week, I decided to show my Real World infographic I have been been working on for much of the season. Took a lot of research, but it is as accurate as possible.


  9. Uniform infographic for all 4 major sports.