1. The Milwaukee Brewers are holding a contest for fans to design a spring training uniform. I decided to design a completely new logo involving a barrel and their old school blue and gold colors. Prior to Milwaukee, the franchise was the Seattle Pilots, which I included with the wheat on the brim in reference to the scrambled eggs of the Pilots’ brim. The contest rules prohibited patterned fabric, negating my original idea (which I posted here), so I had to go with just solid off-white jerseys.


  2. The Tigers are in the World Series, albeit down 0-2 to the Giants. Miguel Cabrera also had one of the great seasons in recent memory and most likely will win AL MVP this year. I got the idea of the tiger eyes fading into the background and thought I’d give a shot. Also weird quirk about the Tigers: ever noticed their cap and jersey D’s are different?


  3. Sports Team Nickname Taxonomy breaking down every team from the four bigs (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL). I’ve been wanting to do a sports themed chart since seeing the awesome work they do over at Pop Chart Lab. [click image to zoom]


  4. Collage of most of the hats I’ve done the past few years. 


  5. Another redesign of some baseball uniforms, this time the Seattle Mariners. I always liked their trident M of the past so I updated it and used their current colors to revamp their uni sets. 


  6. Decided to tweak the Philadelphia Phillies uniforms slightly. I gave them a cleaner, slenderer script similar to their past. I like it better than their clunky current script. I also darkened the red slightly and added light blue accents.


  7. Uniform infographic for all 4 major sports.