2. With the fallout from Donald Sterling, and Steve Ballmer purchasing the team, some think a rebrand is in order to wash off the Sterling stink. For years, Dave Dameshek and Bill Simmons have tossed around the idea of rebranding to the Hollywood Stars and I like the ring to it. I am always in favor of teams having unique color palettes and the Clippers’ royal blue and red is the furthest thing from that. I decided to go with black, white, and a minty, turquoise-ish, Tiffany blue color. 


  3. Infographic of the kits of each country in the 2014 World Cup. Can you guess them all?


  4. Since so many teams’ modern logos are sleek and angry, I decided to make a retro New Orleans Pelicans illustration. I think it keeps the charm of mascots from the ’60’s and ’70’s. I always liked when mascots wear sailor hats.


  5. I’m not usually in favor of logo design contests because they exploit independent designers, but nevertheless I decided to give it a go.

    Louisville City FC released a logo that was so bad that they decided to hold a contest. You had to include a fleur-de-lis, a bourbon barrel, a crest/shield/badge, and it had to be purple & gold. I used the barrel as a design element for one of the quadrants of the shield. The fleur-de-lis with the two stars is found on the Louisville seal.


  6. Clippers should wear this tonight.


  7. Since the dreaded seems inevitable, at least according to Adam Silver, I got to thinking about which logos and corporations would best fit each team while causing the least aesthetic, minimal disruption to the uniforms. I based them on logo similarities (Bucks/John Deere), team/company commonalities (Pacers/Goodyear), and locality (Warriors/Cisco). For the most part I’m happy with how it turned out.

    Uni Watch was kind enough to post my work today which hopefully sparked some discussion. Thanks Paul!


  8. My second piece of a map with the place names filling the respective boundaries, in this case of each state. I did a similar piece of the neighborhoods of Manhattan a couple years ago. 


  9. RIP Syracuse’s season


  10. New York is getting another MLS team – NYCFC. They had a “contest” for fans to design their own crests but it turned out that it is only going to be a pixel in some large poster or something. I took it upon myself to try a crest incorporating pigeons, a crown (their stadium will be in Queens), and 5 stripes for the five boroughs.


  11. Congrats to the 206!


  12. Brooklyn’s official mascot: the Fightin’ Hipsters.


  13. Merry Christmas ya’ll!


  14. Portland Trail Blazers announced they are working on a jersey redesign so I decided to give it a try. I always liked the Blazers’ uniforms so I kept some elements while updating others. Got a shout out in the Uni Watch column as well.


  15. Made this NBA infographic about the history of the league and its franchises. The early years were a little shaky but the league rebounded (pun intended) to as the interest and talent pool grew. From 1981– 1984 was the era of green uniforms (21%, 5/23 teams). Purple peaked from 2001-2003 with six (6!) teams, accounting for 20% of the league’s jerseys.

    Fact of the Day: Since 1984 only eight franchises have won the NBA Championship: Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, Bulls, Rockets, Spurs, Heat, and Mavericks