1. RIP Syracuse’s season


  2. New York is getting another MLS team – NYCFC. They had a “contest” for fans to design their own crests but it turned out that it is only going to be a pixel in some large poster or something. I took it upon myself to try a crest incorporating pigeons, a crown (their stadium will be in Queens), and 5 stripes for the five boroughs.


  3. Congrats to the 206!


  4. Brooklyn’s official mascot: the Fightin’ Hipsters.


  5. Merry Christmas ya’ll!


  6. Portland Trail Blazers announced they are working on a jersey redesign so I decided to give it a try. I always liked the Blazers’ uniforms so I kept some elements while updating others. Got a shout out in the Uni Watch column as well.


  7. Made this NBA infographic about the history of the league and its franchises. The early years were a little shaky but the league rebounded (pun intended) to as the interest and talent pool grew. From 1981– 1984 was the era of green uniforms (21%, 5/23 teams). Purple peaked from 2001-2003 with six (6!) teams, accounting for 20% of the league’s jerseys.

    Fact of the Day: Since 1984 only eight franchises have won the NBA Championship: Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, Bulls, Rockets, Spurs, Heat, and Mavericks


  8. Front and back artwork for The Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra’s The In Utero Sessions EP. The concept was to parody their Jingle Guy logo on Nirvana’s original cover. 


  9. Happy (belated) Halloween!


  10. Football is almost back if you couldn’t tell. Did some portraits of four 2nd year starting QBs: Kaepernick, Luck, Wilson, & RG3. Kaepernick is technically not in his “sophmore” season but for all intents and purposes he is.


  11. My first attempt at whiteboard animation for Jingle Punks.


  12. Happy Independence Day!


  13. Some flash from my sketchbook.


  14. Mark Cuban is having a contest for fans to potentially design the next Mavs jersey. I took a stab at trying to combine some of their past heritage, reinvigorated green as a color, and gave it (hopefully) an overall more distinct Texan feel.

    There was no need to design the court, but I just went ahead with it anyway.

    Also, this happened.


  15. I got to design the Equality Chocolate bar wrapper, a collaboration between The Equality Project and Liberty Chocolates.  The chocolate is really tasty and is made with honey as its sweetener instead of sugar. I look forward to working more with The Equality Project in the future. Stay tuned.